Why/What/How of Microservices

Javagruppen afholder et Javagruppenmøde med Jeppe Cramon tirsdag den 24. maj kl. 15.00 til 18.00 hos Region Hovedstaden, Center IT Medico og Telefoni, Borgervænget 7, 3. sal, 2100 Østerbro.

Jeppe Cramon

Why would we want to use Microservices and what are the alternatives?

What is a microservices and how does it relate to Services, Microservices, Autonomous Components and Self Contained Systems?

Microservices qualities and implications:

  • The distributed monolith anti pattern - aka. don’t use RPC between microservices
  • The shared database anti pattern
  • Microservice deployment and 50 shades of Autonomy

Discovering service boundaries using Domain Driven Design and Event Storming (DDD).

Reactive services - Stream based service integration using EventSourcing, CQRS and Event Driven Architecture (EDA).

Composite UI and ROCA styling microservice integration.

Example of real world microservices solution based on Java 8, Spring Boot, Hazelcast and AngularJS.

Jeppe Cramon is Chief Architect for Inpay - Instant Global Bank Payments, where he’s building the next generation of Fintech transaction engines.

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